Last Updated: 04/24/2024

CCMC Developed Web Apps/Tools

Simulation Services

  • Runs on Request

    Runs on Request

    Runs on Request is a free service open to any user interested in running the simulation models hosted by the CCMC.

  • Continuous/Real-time Run

    Continuous/Real-time Run

    Continuous/real-time runs are models that CCMC executes using near real-time observation data as inputs. Post processed results of such runs are sent to iSWA for display.

  • Instant Run

    Instant Run

    Simulation models that are available for instant execution and viewing of results online via the Instant-Run web app.

Space Weather Analysis

  • iSWA


    iSWA serves CCMC real-time/continuous model outputs and observational data.



    DONKI is a comprehensive online database of space weather events for the community.

Validation & Scoreboards



    CAMEL is an integrated and flexible framework for comparing space weather and space science model outputs with observational data sets.

  • Flare scoreboard

    Flare Scoreboard

    Real-time Forecasting Methods Validation for predicting Solar Flare events.

  • CME scoreboard

    CME Arrival Time Scoreboard

    Real-time Forecasting Methods Validation for Coronal Mass Ejections arrival time at Earth.

  • SEP Scoreboard

    SEP Scoreboard

    Real-time Forecasting Methods Validation for predicting Solar Energetic Particle (SEP) events.

  • IMF Bz Scoreboard

    IMF Bz Scoreboard

    Real-time Forecasting Methods Validation for interplanetary magnetic field forecasts at L1.

Visualization & Analysis

  • Kamodo


    Kamodo is a CCMC tool for access, interpolation, and visualization of space weather models and data in python.

  • Kameleon


    Kameleon is a software suite that is being developed at the CCMC to address the difficulty in analyzing and disseminating the varying output formats of space weather model data.

Flux Rope and CME measurements

  • StereoCAT


    The Stereo CME Analysis Tool is an online tool enabling space weather forecasters and researchers to quickly calculate CME kinematic properties.

  • SWPC CAT Web

    SWPC CAT Web

    The web version of SWPC CME Analysis Tool enables users to calculate CME kinematic properties.



    EEGGL is a tool which uses observational data to specify input parameters for the Gibson-Low flux rope model so that it may approximately reproduce observed CME events.

Community Developed Tools Hosted at the CCMC


    WSA Dashboard

    The WSA Dashboard is a tool for visualizing predictions of the corona and solar wind produced by the Wang-Sheeley-Arge model executed in near real-time at the CCMC.

    Note: the tool is developed by the model developers and hosted at the CCMC. It is not a CCMC developed tool.