Last Updated: 12/20/2022

Instant Run

Instant Run (IR) system allow users to execute models and view results immediately via the IR web interface. Note: not all CCMC hosted models are suitable or available for instant execution, and results of Instant Run models are not stored/archived by CCMC.

View all models available for instant run

How it Works

Go to Instant Run (IR) system to see the list of models that the CCMC currently offers for instant execution. Click on the model’s name to see the submission interface for the model. Once submission step is complete, results should be displayed almost immediately on the same web interface. Contact CCMC if you have any questions or trouble using our IR system.

Go to Instant Run Web App

Publications Policy

For tracking purposes for our government sponsors, we ask that you notify the CCMC whenever you use simulation runs performed at the CCMC in any scientific publications and/or presentations. Follow the steps on the publication submission page

See our full publication policy.

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