Last Updated: 09/01/2022

IMF Bz Scoreboard

The "IMF Bz Scoreboard" is led by Peter Riley (Predictive Science) and Matthew Owens (University of Reading). It is currently in planning phase and will be designed as an automated system to gather real-time interplanetary magnetic field (IMF) forecasts at L1 and evaluate their accuracy. The scoreboard will provide international scientists and forecasters with a single location where the community can test a variety of models that span the full spectrum of models from fully operational to basic research ideas in a real-time environment.

IMF Bz Scoreboard planning group:
Leads: Pete Riley (Predictive Science), Matthew Owens (University of Reading)
CCMC Facilitator: Leila Mays (NASA/GSFC)
Previous leads: Neel Savani (UMBC/NASA GSFC)

Please email Pete Riley, Matthew Owens, or Leila Mays to get involved.

Latest News


The models below are involved in assessing the appropriate strategy for skill evaluations. They are each at different stages of development:

Data driven
Bz4Cast model (N. Savani)
Helicity-CME (H-CME) model (Patsourakos, Georgoulis)
A. Rouillard model
PSI Pattern Recognition model (Riley et al. 2016; real-time forecast page; source code)

Numerical simulation
SUSANOO (D. Shiota)
EUHFORIA (J. Pomoell, S. Poedts)
EEGGL+SWMF AWSoM_R (Igor Sokolov, Bart van der Holst, Meng Jin (now at Lockheed Martin), Ward Manchester, Gabor Toth and Tamas Gombosi)

IMF Bz Scoreboard Mock-up

TBD. Suggestions welcome!

Proposed forecast submission format

Developers Models/methods upload their predict/scoreboards/sep/ions automatically to an anonymous ftp (under construction) which will be parsed by the system.

The team will build a format based on ideas form the formats for the Flare Scoreboard and SEP Scoreboard.