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Last Updated: 04/25/2022


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The integrated Space Weather Analysius (iSWA) system is a flexible, turn-key, Web-based dissemination system for NASA-relevant space weather information that combines forecasts based on the most advanced space weather models with concurrent space environment information. iSWA is customer-configurable and adaptable for use as a powerful decision-making tool. The system offers an unprecedented ability to analyze the present and expected future space weather impacts on NASA' s human and robotic missions.


The near real-time simulation outputs and derived real-time data products displayed on iSWA should be considered only as prototyping quality and in research context.

iSWA Cygnets

The iSWA cygnet catalog includes a wide array of space weather analysis products. Simply select the cygnets of interest to create your own custom layout. Once you've created a layout or two that meets your needs, you can save and share it with a link like this: Sample Layout

iSWA Data Tree

All files ingested into iSWA are also publicly accessible via the iswa-data-tree URL.

iSWA webservice calls/API

All 1-D numerical time-series data ingested into iSWA are accessible via iSWA HAPI implementation.

The Heliophysics Application Programming Interface (HAPI) provides a standard way to access Heliophysics data. See the HAPI Specification for more details.