Last Updated: 09/01/2022

Publications Policy

If results from the any CCMC simulation services (e.g. ROR, real-time runs, etc.) are used in a scientific publication or presentation, we request that the user:

In addition, for the purpose of publication:

  • The user should contact the code developers
  • You may wish to offer co-authorship, or model owners may request co-authorship at their discretion

Sample text for acknowledgements:

"Simulation results have been provided by the Community Coordinated Modeling Center at Goddard Space Flight Center through their publicly available simulation services ( The [MODEL NAME HERE] Model was developed by the [MODEL DEVELOPER(S)/GROUP] at the [INSTITUTION]."

The information about a particular model/model developer can be found on our Model Catalog at CCMC.

Additional requirement for SWMF AWSoM_R model

Co-author Statement:
In addition, papers using EEGGL tool should have three EEGGL developers as co-authors: M. Jin, W. Manchester, I. Sokolov.

Additional requirement for SWMF/BATS-R-US model

In addition, papers using SWMF/BATS-R-US model should have a text to be included in your acknowledgement section e.g.: “This work was carried out using the SWMF and BATS-R-US tools developed at the University of Michigan's Center for Space Environment Modeling (CSEM). The modeling tools described in this publication are available online through the University of Michigan for download and are available for use at the Community Coordinated Modeling Center (CCMC).”

Additional requirement for HESPERIA_REleASE model

The following sentences and acknowledgements shall appear inline where the HESPERIA RELeASE tool is presented and also when the HESPERIA RELeASE tool is cited, mentioned as well as when the relevant results are presented, cited and mentioned: "The HESPERIA RELeASE tool is part of a project that has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement No 637324. NASA acknowledgements to: Christian-Albrechts-Universitt zu Kiel, Germany and National Observatory of Athens, IAASARS, Greece, HESPERIA Project (HORIZON 2020, European Union)."

Moreover, the logo of the HESPERIA project as well as the European Union (EU) emblem (official flag of the EU) will be displayed in due prominence in all these occasions in proper image file format to be provided by NOA.

Any commercial use of the HESPERIA REleASE SEP forecasting results by NASA/CCMC will be possible only after signature of a separate agreement between NASA/CCMC, the National Observatory of Athens and the Christian-Albrechts Universities eu Kiel, Germany.