Last Updated: 06/09/2023

Simulation Output Onboarding Procedures

For onboarding a model at the CCMC, please see our 'Model Onboarding' instead. These procedures are for folks who want to deliver their full resolution simulation(s) outputs only (not the model) to the CCMC to be used by the community via the CCMC visualization services (e.g. interactive web visualization, Kamodo, etc.).

  1. Pre-onboarding

    If your project is at the proposal stage, we ask you to fill out a short pre-onboarding questionnaire.

    Note: Feel free to skip any question related to onboarding a model. There is a specific section on the form for simulation results.

  2. Preparation

    Originator of the simulation(s) output: when you are ready to deliver the output to the CCMC, please contacts the CCMC to receive and complete this questionnaire [MS Word or PDF]. The model information will be added to the CCMC Metadata Registry, which automatically populate the CCMC Model Catalog on the CCMC website. Even though the model is not hosted at the CCMC, such model information is essential to help users in understanding and using the simulation(s) outputs effectively.

    The originator of the outputs agrees to provide model output reader and/or interpolation/visualization routine/source code to the CCMC. Such information/source code is needed to incorporate the simulations outputs into the CCMC visualization services.

  3. Implementation

    If needed, the originator of the simulation(s) outputs agrees to work collaboratively with the CCMC, which might involve installing/testing/running their provided output reader/interpolation/visualization code on the CCMC AWS Cloud environment.

    The CCMC will add the functionality on the CCMC visualization services allowing users to use and visualize the provided simulation(s) outputs.

  4. Testing

    During testing phase, the originator of the simulation(s) outputs agrees to test and validate any visualization and/or interpolation results generated by the CCMC visualization services via the provided outputs.

  5. Public Release

    Once testing phase is complete and with agreement from the originator of the simulation(s) outputs, the CCMC will advertise the availability of the simulation(s) outputs on the CCMC website.