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Last Updated: 04/01/2022


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The Stereo CME Analysis Tool (StereoCAT) is an online tool that enables space weather forecasters and researchers to quickly calculate CME kinematic properties. With a few mouse clicks, StereoCAT uses triangulation of spacecraft data to determine the 3D kinematic properties of CMEs. The derived CME parameters can be utilized as input for a broad range of CME propagation models. For example, CME Run-On-Request users can use StereoCAT to generate input parameters for WSA-ENLIL+Cone model.


  • Determine CME speed and direction by triangulation using multiple spacecraft (STEREO and SOHO)
  • Create CME height-time measurements ("frameseries range")
  • Generate an ensemble of CME measurements
  • Save your entire measurement session and can easily share with others

Quick Start Instructions

  • Select the date/time of interest
  • Click on the spacecraft name you would like to use (up to two)
  • Click the measurement tab to measure the CME using the handles, then click results
  • See Manual [PDF] for detail instructions