Heliophysics Summer School 2014


Heliophysics Laboratory Primer

This primer has been created to help you to:

  1. use the CCMC tools designed to interrogate Heliophysics models at CCMC, and
  2. obtain a top level view of the connectivity and naming of regions and parameters that comprize the heliophysics system.

Please do not hesitate to contact CCMC staff if you are experiencing difficulties with the Laboratory Primer and/or to ask questions about CCMC tools and services:

The highest level picture of the Heliophysics system shows three components - the Sun, the solar wind, and the magnetosphere while buried inside the magnetosphere is the ionosphere and thermosphere. Click for the specific primer:

Picture of Solar, Magnetosphere, Helisphere and Ionosphere models

Introduction to CCMC tools and services

How to request a model run

How to analyze simulation results Integrated Space Weather Analysis System (ISWA) (lead developer Marlo Maddox)

Space Weather throughout the Solar System

"Interplanetary Space Weather: A New Paradigm", by Madhulika Guhathakurta, NASA HQ

Heliophysics Summer School Labs 2014

Lab 1 manual 2014 (PDF)
Lab 2 Helio Lab manual 2014 (PDF)
Lab 2 Helio Lab manual 2014 - Instructor Notes and Comments (PDF)
Lab 3a Different Magnetosphere (manual PDF)
Lab 3b Magnetosphere manual (PDF)
Lab 4