Request Procedures

View detailed run request procedures for heliosphere models, magnetosphere models and for ionospheric models.

Here is what you can expect to happen during the online run request submission process:

  • Registration: you will be asked to provide your first name, last name and e-mail and a run registration number will be generated. You will need your registration number when making inquiries about your requests and to view the results when the simulations have finished.
  • You will specify the science question (e.g., a modeled run or simulation of real event) and select time interval of interest whenever appropriate.
  • You will specify input parameters and upload data files. You will be offered a range of simulation parameter choices. Novice users have an option to use recommended default input parameters. You can create input data files yourself or to use the CCMC on-line input data file generation tool that automatically downloads data from data providers and transforms them to required format.
  • You will specify output and data analysis options (e.g., frequency of run output, output along satellite trajectory, reuse the global magnetosphere data to run the Ring Current model, etc.)

Customized Runs

If you require customized simulation setup not provided by the options of automatic submission, you can specify your requirements in the "Special Request" box during the run submission. The special requests will not be sent to automatic execution and will be treated manually by the CCMC staff. On special requests CCMC staff provide customized simulation setup tailored to address specific science questions selected by the user. Customized request options include:

  • extending run duration
  • creating a new simulation grid
  • modification of standard boundary conditions
  • minor code modifications (within the limits authorized by code developers), e.g. ionospheric conductance model modification

Please note that special requests may take longer time to execute.

On Special Requests CCMC can also provide users with raw simulation output data (transformed to portable standard format with self-explanatory metadata) with reading libraries. The output data files for selected time steps or for the entire run can be copied to CCMC FTP server from which you can download data through anonymous FTP. Please keep in mind that data can be bulky (up to 1 GB for a timestep for some models).

With questions about Runs on Request system please contact the .