View Results of Requested ROR Runs

View the results of your requested simulations via ROR, as well as the results of runs submitted by other users.

CCMC Publications Policy
If you use the results from the Runs on Request in a scientific publication or presentation, please acknowledge the originators of the computational model and the CCMC. For more details see the detailed policy description.

Note: For tracking purposes for our government sponsors, we ask that you notify the CCMC whenever you use CCMC results in scientific publications or presentations by .

Quick ROR search (?)

The quick search is a text search performed on select metadata fields of ROR runs, such as name and keywords of the run, last name of the requestor, name of the model, start and end dates of the run (where available) and a few others. A more complete search tailored to specific domains of the runs is available below.

Search Notes:

  • The search looks for partial case-insesitive text matches. E.g., any of the 'storm', 'STORM', 'storms' would match a metadata field of "space storms 2023".
  • The search looks for exact matches and does not perform natural-language processing. Beware of the typos!
  • A search can have multiple terms delimited by a white space character. In this case, the type of the search is "AND", meaning the search would return records that have ALL of the search terms in any of their searched fields. E.g., a search of "space storms SWMF" would return a record that has "space storms" in its keywords field and "SWMF" in its model field.


Search and browse all runs by a domain:

Request output for an executed run

Request raw or CDF-format output for a model run executed at the CCMC.
Notes: CDF output is available only for select models; we cannot provide output for instant runs.