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At the present time the following magnetosphere models are available for runs on request:

Run Request Procedures for Magnetosphere Models

Current caps on the length of requests:

Please check what is currently the maximum request length for magnetospheric models.

Submission steps

Run Request submission consists of the following steps:

Generate the Run Registration Number:

Choose the science question (a modeled run or simulation of real event) and the boundary condition type (fixed or time-dependent inflow boundary conditions):

Standard Run (recommended for specific event study): "Real Event Simulation With Time-Dependent Boundary Conditions"

Run Type:
Modeled Run
Real Event

The time set at the beginning of the run does not affect the simulation output. The default start time is set to:

Year: 2000
Month: 1
Day: 1
Hour: 0
Minute: 0

At Step 4 you will be asked to select the dipole tilt in the Y-Z plane.

If you are requesting simulations with time-dependent boundary conditions (see below), please prepare the input data file with the first record at the default time.

Simulation dipole orientation is consistent with the real time during the simulated time interval. At Step 3 or 4 you will be asked to specify the real time at the beginning and at the end of the run.

For the Standard Run you do not have to modify other default settings.


Inflow Boundary Conditions:
Actions Required
Fixed At Step 5 you will be asked to provide fixed SW input parameters.

At Step 5 you will be asked to upload upstream SW input data file. You can generate this file in either of two ways:

  1. By preparing the input data file yourself in the specified ASCII format.
  2. Alternatively, you can generate input data files using the online data generation tool provided by CCMC that uses ACE Level 2 Data or Key Parameters, and WIND data.

At Step 3 or 4 you be asked to provide the start and end time of the run and to choose the simulation grid (see current grid choices for BATSRUS, OpenGGCM, GUMICS and CMIT models). You will also have an opportunity to modify default settings for corotation and ionospheric conductance model. The choice of allowed modifications depends on the model and the Run Type you selected at previous steps.

Step 5: Upload upstream SW input file or set fixed SW input parameters as described in the table above.

Step 6: Specify the output frequency and options of the output data analysis (e.g. calculation of polar oval position). For some model these options also include:

Following Step 6 you will be asked to:

The results of the run you requested will be made available to the general research community via our web-based interface. Any keywords and description you include will help our other visitors to better understand your simulation.

You can always use BACK button to modify your settings at previous Steps.

If you require customized simulation setup not provided by the options of automatic submission, you can specify your requirements in the "Special Request" box at the end of the run submission. The special requests will not be sent to automatic execution and will be treated manually by the CCMC staff. On special requests CCMC staff provide customized simulation setup tailored to address specific science questions selected by the user. For more information please read the Special Request instructions.

Do not check the SPECIAL REQUEST button if you are submitting standard request for automatic processing. Checking the button will delay processing of your request.

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