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Runs on Request Process

Runs on Request is a free service open to any scientist interested in running a space weather model that resides at the CCMC.

You can submit your model run request online (please read the request procedure).

Customized simulation setups are available beyond what is provided as an option in the submission script. In order to request a customized simulation, please specify your requirements in the "Special Request" box during the run submission (see special request information). Special requests will be treated manually by the CCMC staff.

After the request has been processed by the CCMC web server, an execution request is generated and forwarded to CCMC's worker computers. These are, depending on the request, parallel Beowulfs or fast Linux CPUs. The turn-around times for standard runs range from a day to 3-4 days. (Special request execution times depend on the complexity of the problem.)

After the run execution has been completed, the web server runs the visualization software and publishes the run results on the CCMC website. At this time, an automatic email notification will be sent to the requestor.

CCMC-developed interactive Web-based visualization software allows the user to analyze simulation results and to perform scientific research without the need to download simulation results output. Outputs of all runs are archived on the CCMC's data storage systems and are publicly accessible by means of these tools.

CCMC staff is always available to answer questions regarding model results and their applicability to specific science problems. Furthermore, CCMC staff will assist users in the interpretation of simulation results if requested.

Our goal is to enable research through the internet. However, upon request, the CCMC provides users with raw simulation output data in a portable self-explanatory standard format. On user request (see special request information) output data files for selected time steps or for the entire run can be deposited on CCMC's FTP server, from which the user can download data through anonymous FTP.

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