SEP Model Validation
Solar Prominence

SEP Events

These are the SEP events selected for the SHINE 2019/ISWAT 2021 challenges. See our Next Steps for a description of what is planned for a complete event list that will allow for a thorough validation.

Click on each SEP event below to see images, links to entries in databases, input parameters, plots of GOES proton flux, and proton flux values that will be used for comparison with models.

A single file containing all input parameters and >10, >100 MeV proton measurements for all SEP events can be found under the Model Input Parameters page (updated 2021-04-29).

All of the individual event json files and csv files containing values for >10, >100, >30, >50, and >60 MeV thresholds can be downloaded here - updated 2021-10-21 to reflect the files used for the ISWAT2021 validation presentation:

  • GOES integral fluxes (shown throughout this website and used for validation so far): json (with plots)
  • SEPEM RSDv2.0 background-subtracted (OpSEP method) and converted to integral fluxes: json (with plots)
  • GOES uncorrected differential fluxes with Sandberg et al. 2014 and Bruno 2017 energy bins applied, background-subtracted, then converted to integral fluxes: json (with plots)

Further information about these data sets can be found on the Data Sets page.

March 7, 2012
May 17, 2012
July 12, 2012
April 11, 2013
January 6, 2014
January 7, 2014
July 14, 2017
September 4 and 6, 2017
September 10, 2017