Simulation Grid Choices for OpenGGCM Model

OpenGGCM uses stretch-cartesian grid: an orthogonal grid with variable spacing in each of the coordinate directions. CCMC is currently offering four grids for OpengGGCM runs:

  1. Grid with 3,150,000 cells:
    • Simulation box size:
      -350 RE < x < 24 RE
      |z|, |y| < 48
    • (NX=315, NY=100, NZ=100)
    • You can examine this grid in more detail by viewing the results of request CCMC_CCMC_041008_1 and choosing the "Show simulation grid" option.

  2. Overview grid, ~ 6,5 mln. cells:
  3. Grid with emphasis on dayside magnetopause, ~ 6,5 mln. cells
  4. Grid with emphasis on near- and mid-tail, ~ 9 mln. cells:

Please note that if you require a special grid, please specify so in the "Special Request" box at the end of run submission and/or contact the CCMC staff.

Updated: Feb. 4, 2020 by Lutz Rastätter