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Input Data File Format

Please note that SW data should be projected to: 33 RE for the SWMF/BATSRUS, OpenGGCM and GUMICS models, and 30 RE for LFM.
SW data should be in GSM coordinates.
SW parameters in the input file should be provided in the following order:

Year Month Day Hour Min Sec Msec Bx[nT] By[nT] Bz[nT] Vx[km/s] Vy[km/s] Vz[km/s] N[cm^(-3)] T[Kelvin]

Year Month Day Hour Minute (first five fields) in the first line of the uploaded input file should match the time set at the beginning of the run.

Click here to view the IDL statement to write the required format.
Click here to view the FORTRAN statement to write the required format.
Click here to view the sample SW input file.

The input data file should be in ASCII text format. The file size should not exceed 1Mb. Full path name to the input file at your local disk should not contain any blank spaces or quotation marks. On DOS/Windows systems the recommended extension for the input file name is "txt".

You can generate SW input data files in required format using the online data generation tool provided by the CCMC that uses ACE Level 2 Data or Key Parameters, and WIND data.

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