Space Weather Research, Education and Development Initiative

Space Weather Research, Education and Development Initiative

SW REDI Bootcamp 2013

The foundation of this unique two-week intensive camp/course includes the in-house Integrated Space Weather Analysis system (iSWA;, space environment models installed at the CCMC, and the operational experience of the SWRC team ( While the camp/course is mainly geared towards those motivated undergraduate students who either seek to be entry level space weather forecasters or those who seek to perform space weather related research to fulfill academic requirements, it is also appropriate for scientists and others new to space weather who seek a global perspective of space weather, as well as those aiming to broaden their research topics. Click here for the full course description and schedule.

SW REDI Tutorials

SW REDI Daily Assessments (links to submission forms)

  • Tuesday 6/4 Assessment #1 (Introduction to Space Weather)
  • Wednesday 6/5 CME Analysis Assessment - week one
    (please note the correction the CME time in the second problem: 2013-01-13T07:24Z)Click here for Answers!
  • Wednesday 6/5 In class CME analysis exercises (optional)
    (answers can be found in the lesson slides)
  • Wednesday 6/5 Assesment #2 (coronal holes and high speed streams)
  • Thursday 6/6 Assesment #3 (Magnetosphere)
  • Friday 6/7 Assessment #4 (Magnetosphere Part 2)
  • Monday 6/10 Assessment #5 (Space Weather Events)
  • Tuesday 6/11 Assessment #6a (Alerts - part 1)
  • Tuesday 6/11 Assessment #6b (Alerts - part 2)
  • Tuesday 6/11 CME Analysis Assessment - week two
    Click here for Answers!

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