3D Simulation Results: Model: TIE-GCM
Run: Olga_Verkhoglyadova_010818_IT_4

This is the web interface for the visualization of results of a three-dimensional simulation of the Earth's environment.

Note: Floating-point values with a decimal point not followed by numbers (e.g., "1." or "1.E+4") are not being accepted. Please enter equivalent values ("1.0" or 1.0E+4) or ("1" or "1e+4") instead.
Please review the default selections below and make your changes.

To start the graphics program click the Update Plot button. The resulting image will be displayed at this location of the page.

Should the result be a black image, then the graphics program encountered a programming error. Please report the set of input parameters used.

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  Update Plot will update (generate) the plot with the chosen time and plot parameters below.
This will take some time (typically 10-30s) as data are read in and processed.

 Choose data time: 

 Change time (relative to selected time above)
 Create GIF movie (and archive of ASCII data outputs) with current plot settings

Choose Plot Mode:

 Show advanced options

Choose quantity to be displayed:
Q 1: 
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Q 3: 
Customized variables are possible!
Email the formula that you would like to see and that uses existing quantities to Lutz and it will be tested and added.

Plot Options for selected Plot Modes:  
  View angles:
   AX [-90..90]: (viewer's elevation angle)
   AZ [-180 ... 180]: (viewer's azimuth angle; 0: along negative Y)

Color Contour:
   Color table
New:new tables added: cividis, viridis, magma, plasma, inferno.
   Reverse Colortable
   Number of levels: 

 Lock color range:
       Min.:   Max.:
   Log scale (use all data>0 in non-negative fields)

    show values with contour levels
 Number of Levels

 Lock range:
       Min.:   Max.:
     Log scale (use all data>0 in non-negative fields)

 length of arrows:
     Normalize arrow length
       Unit arrow length at: 
     Log scale (scale arrows logarithmically)

Choose Plot Area:
  All Plot Modes except Line Plot and Vertical Plot:   Select lower left corner of plot area on the left, and the upper right corner on the right.

  Line Plot: Select start point of line on the left, the end point on the right.
  Vertical Plot: Select Lon and Lat position on the left.
Choose Cut Plane:    
Range: -180 ... 180 [deg]
Range: -90 ... 90 [deg]
TIE-GCM data: the vertical coordinate can either be IP or H for determining plot range or cut plane.
Note that the full range in H will not be reached at all times. Limits or selections of H may be modified within the plot.
 Use IP
Range: 0 ... 28 []
 Use H

New: Render ensemble of similar plots using the following runs
(enter up to 3 names of runs in the same run category (solar, heliosphere, magnetosphere, etc.) into text fields below):
Runs should be of the same model or using the same coordinates. Comparisons of magnetosphere runs may be best done requesting one of the magnetosphere coordinate systems (SM, GSM or GSE in the Render Oblique Cut Plane section).
    Run #1:
    Run #2:
    Run #3:

    Consider nearest date and time within seconds (<60).
    Number of plots in table row:

   Render polar plot with maximum colatitude: 
    Show latitude-MLT/LT grid (10° in latitude, 30° in longitude - override display of simulation grid)
  Reset Form will reset changes to the defaults specified by the previous run of this script.
  Update Plot will update (generate) the plot with the chosen time and plot parameters above.
List Data (check to get any of the following outputs which apply to movie requests as well):

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