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Analysis of Run: CCMC_CCMC_123008_2

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Event DateDecember 14 2006
Start Time2006/12/14 12:00
End Time2006/12/16 00:00
Key WordsGEM 2008 Metrics Challenge
Model Version3.1
Validation Level0
Coordinate System for InputGSM
Coordinate System for OutputGSE
Dipole Tilt, in the X-Z Plane, at Start deg-12.10
Dipole Tilt, in Y-Z GSE plane, deg-3.60
Update Dipole Orientation with Timeno
Inflow Boundary R_E24
Conductance ModelSig-CTIM
Run NumberCCMC_CCMC_123008_2
Minimum Dst Value-162
SW SourceDSCOVR-realtime
Diagnostic IndicesNO

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