Last Updated: 01/10/2024

Dr. Joshua Pettit


Dr. Joshua Pettit received his undergraduate degree in Earth and Atmospheric Sciences from Cornell University. From there he pursued his PhD at the University of Colorado under Dr. Cora Randall. He went on to work as a postdoctoral researcher at the Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics. His work at LASP focused on impulsive space weather events and their impact on the Earth’s atmosphere along with model development of the WACCM and WACCM-X models. Additionally, Josh created a useful energetic electron data set referred to as the MPE data set. The data set uses the POES MEPED data to create global electron precipitation maps and has been used in a number of studies. Here at Goddard, Josh's work will include research on ionosphere-thermosphere-magnetosphere coupling using models from the CCMC, solar variability during quiet and active time periods, along with model development.


  • Ph.D/Physics, University of Colorado
  • B.S. Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Cornell University

CCMC Responsibilities

  • ITM coupling
  • Whole Atmosphere Modeling

Research Interests

  • Solar and energetic particle impacts on the atmosphere
  • Whole atmosphere model development
  • Ionosphere-Thermosphere-Magnetosphere coupling