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**You must agree to the CCMC DATA Collection Consent Agreement in order to submit a run**

Do you give your consent?

Generate the Run Registration Number

Your run results will be published online under your Run Registration Number. The Run Registration Number for your request will be composed of your first and last name, today's date and run identification number (see below), e.g., George_Siscoe_051008_SH_1.

First Name: (required)

Last Name: (required)

E-mail: (required)

Run Number:

NOTE: You can make up to 24 different submissions on the the same date.
For each new submission made on the same date please choose a new Run Number above.

Model name: ANMHD

Currently, ANMHD model at the CCMC is restricted to modeling a twisted flux tube embedded in a non-rotating, convectively stable medium. (In the future, we will also offer modeling of different convectively unstable solutions without an embedded flux tube as well as modeling of the evolution of twisted flux tubes embedded in a convectively unstable region).

ANMHD is the first code offered at the CCMC that focuses specifically on numerical experiments rather than on developing modeling context to supplement data analysis. We are therefore inviting user feedback on all aspects of this service, to help us understand how to best offer it to the community.

Choose the run parameters.

Initial twist: (between 0. and 5.)

Field strength along tube axis: (between 1. and 4.)

Radius of the tube: gridzones (between 7. and 14.)

Note: For now, the Reynolds and Prandtl numbers are fixed.

The resolution is fixed at 256x128x128 (x and y are in the horizontal plane. Gravity acts along the z direction).

Finalize Request Submission

Key word: (required)

Key word examples: CME, Carrington Rotation number, project name, etc.
Key words help sort and search the results of simulations via our web-based interface, especially if you are submitting a series of runs.

Title and introduction:

Above you can provide brief comments about the run that may be helpful to other visitors.

Special Request (optional)

ONLY if you require a customized simulation setup not provided by the standard submission options please enter your Special Request description below.

Special Request description and justification:

Examples of Special Requests: Increase the maximum allowed run duration, create custom simulation grid, modify standard boundary conditions, etc.
Unlike the standard runs that are automatically processed, Special Requests are reviewed and manually modified by the CCMC staff.

Please note that processing of Special Requests may take longer.

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