Last Updated: 11/03/2023

NAIRAS Updates

November 2023

The continuous/real-time runs of the NAIRAS 3.0 model have been updated to include outputs for altitude at 20 km.

New outputs are available on iSWA via the NAIRAS 3.0 gallery cygnets. Users can select '20 km' under the 'Altitude' drop down menu to see them.

January 2023

As of January 23, 2023, the Nowcast of Aerospace Ionization RAdiation System (NAIRAS) Model version 3 is available to the community through theĀ CCMC Runs-On-Request service.

The new NAIRAS version 3.0 RoR capability allows the user to run the NAIRAS model for customized application scenarios and time periods using two available run options. The global dosimetric run option mirrors the execution of the real-time NAIRAS run mode for a user-specified time-period. This class of run option capability provides global context and situation awareness of the atmospheric ionizing radiation environment. Moreover, retrospective scientific analysis and verification and validation of real-time NAIRAS predictions can be performed. The flight trajectory run option allows the user to upload an aircraft, balloon, or spaceflight trajectory file. The output includes dosimetric and radiation flux and fluence quantities. This class of run option allows detailed human radiation flight exposure characterization, detailed comparisons to onboard dosimeters, and the assessment of single event effects in avionic and spaceflight electronic systems.

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