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Last Updated: 03/01/2024


Version: 2000

Weimer models are statistical electric potential models for the high-latitude ionosphere, developed by Daniel Weimer of Solana Scientific Inc. Past satellite measurements of ionospheric electric fields, and the simultaneous measurements of solar wind and interplanetary magnetic field (IMF) conditions, have been used to create an empirical model of the high-latitude electric potential pattern.

The CCMC is using the IDL version of the Weimer models and added code to accomodate the input from the CCMC-developed web interface.


Control parameters include the solar wind plasma number density N, velocity V_x (along Sun-Earth line), the transverse orientation of the solar wind magnetic field B_y, B_z (in GSM coordinates), and the orientation of the Earth's magnetic axis at the time of interest. An optional parameter is the Auroral Electrojet, AL index. These parameters are used to set up the model for the desired conditions, after which the only needed input parameters are the geomagnetic latitude and magnetic local time (MLT), in AACGM (Altitude Adjusted Corrected Geomagnetic) coordinates.


The output from the model consists of the ionospheric electrostatic potential, in kilovolts (kV), as a function of the input AACGM latitude and MLT.

Model is time-dependent.


  • High Latitude Ionosphere / Auroral Region


Code Languages: Fortran, IDL


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