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Last Updated: 03/01/2024


Version: 2.0

Statistical model returning Poynting Flux (in W/m^2) energy flux into the ionosphere. The model was compiled using FAST satellite observations that are binned and mapped on magnetic coordinates.


SampleOutput 1 for Cosgrove-PF 2.0SampleOutput2 for Cosgrove-PF 2.0


Solar wind Density (N in cm^-3), velocity V (in km/s), magnetic field Bx, By, Bz (in nT), Altitude (optional).


Pattern of Poynting Flux distribution in auroral zone (> 50 degrees magnetic latitude), separate patterns for northern and southern hemisphere.

Change Log

The updated model accounts for asymmetries between the northern and southern hemisphere and thus outputs different patterns for each hemisphere.


  • High Latitude Ionosphere / Auroral Region


  • Energy Flow into Ionosphere



Code Languages: Matlab, IDL


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