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Last Updated: 03/01/2024


Version: 2018

Postprocessing tool written in IDL to calculate Biot-Savart sums over magnetosphere, field-aligned currents and ionosphere height-integrated currents to determine magnetic perturbation at any location on the ground.


Magnetic perturbations do not include induction due to ground conductivities. The CalcDeltaB tool runs on output files sets for a single time step at a time and has no built-in time advance. Time variations are following the global magnetosphere simulation.


Three-dimensional Magnetosphere model output files from OpenGGCM, SWMF, LFM or GUMICS, together with ionosphere electrodynamics outputs for matching times.


ASCII files of magnetic perturbations (east, north, down component) at a grid of longitudes and latitudes.


  • Geospace

Space Weather Impacts

  • Geomagnetically induced currents - GICs (electric power systems)


Code Languages: IDL


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