Last Updated: 09/09/2022

GEM-CEDAR Ionospheric Conductance Challenge

CCMC is supporting GEM-CEDAR Ionospheric Conductance Challenge, which was initiated during 2016 joint CEDAR-GEM summer workshop by the GEM Focus Group of Modeling Methods and Validation (MM&V).

Goals of the GEM-CEDAR Ionospheric Conductance Challenge:

  • To collect observations of conductance and drivers of conductance to use as ground truth for conductance models.
  • To quantify differences between observations and models.
  • To determine reasons for data/model, model/model and data/data differences.
  • To demonstrate global effects of conductance models

GEM-CEDAR Workshop Sessions

We had CEDAR-GEM Ionospheric Conductance Challenge Session at the 2016 Joint CEDAR-GEM Workshop.

GEM-CEDAR Ionospheric Conductance Challenge Contact List

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