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CCMC 2012 Workshop

The 6th CCMC Community Workshop was held at the Hilton Key Largo, Key Largo, Florida on January 16-20, 2012.

Biennial CCMC community workshops are designed as opportunities for an in-depth exchange of experiences, opinions and needs between model owners, science and operational users, agency representatives and the CCMC staff.


Monday, January 16, 2012

Introduction, Agencies' View of CCMC, Keynote Presentations, Director's Report

  • Welcoming Remarks, John Allen
  • NSF's Evolving Support for Space Weather Research and Operations, Bob Robinson
  • DoD Space Weather Activities - Partnerships and Program Update, Christopher Smithro
  • CCMC: A Code Provider's View, Tamas Gombosi
  • The Living with a Star (LWS) Heliophysics Summer School (HSS), Jan Sojka
  • The Goals of CCMC: Can we get there from here?, Ray Walker
  • New Visualization and Analysis Tools for Magnetospheric, Heliospheric, and Solar Models, David Berrios
  • Progress: Run-On-Request Visualization, Lutz Rastaetter
  • CCMC Discussions with Agency Representatives and Code Developers
  • Heliophysics: A Synopsis to the CCMC Biennial Users' Group Meeting, Jeffrey Hayes
  • Director's Report, Michael Hesse
  • Questions to DirectorModels at CCMC
  • Realitivistic Electron Alert System for Exploration (REleASE): Peformance and Challenges, Arik Posner
  • Heliospheric Tomography, Bernie Jackson
  • PFSS at CCMC: Suggestions for New Products, Gordon Petrie
  • ENLIL: Modeling of Heliospheric Space Weather, Dusan Odstrcil

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Models at CCMC

  • CORHEL at the CCMC, Jon Linker
  • SWMF Solar/Heliosphere, Bart van der Holst
  • SWMF Geospace, Gabor Toth
  • LFM/CMIT at CCMC Progress and Challenges, John Lyon
  • UNH-CCMC Collaboration, Jimmy Raeder
  • Computational Aspects of OpenGGCM, Kai Germaschewski
  • GUMICS at CCMC, Ilja Honkonen
  • CRCM and RBE, Mei-Ching Fok
  • The WINDMI Model at the CCMC, Wendell HortonCCMC Discussions with Code Developers
  • DREAM The Dynamic Radiation Environment Assimilation Model, Mike Henderson
  • RCM Rice Convection Model, Stan Sazykin
  • CTIPe Model at CCMC, Naomi Maruyama
  • TIE-GCM Updates, Stan Solomon
  • NRL SAMI2/3 Ionosphere Model at CCMC, Jonathan Krall, Joseph Huba
  • TRIPL-DA: A New Opportunity at CCMC, Tom Gaussiran, Roy Calfas
  • Scintillation Modeling at CCMC, John Retterer, JaSoon Shim

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

User Feedback

  • From Orsted to SOTERIA and COMESEP - experiences of an addicted user, Susanne Vennerstrom
  • 1st-Year SHINE Project Report: Evaluation of Coronal & Heliospheric Models Installed at CCMC, Lan Jian
  • CCMC Role in GEM: Support of GEM Focus Groups, Stan Sazykin
  • CEDAR Support from the CCMC: The Model Challenges, Barbara EmeryDiscussion: CCMC support of community-wide projects
  • User Feedback: (Helio/Magnetosphere) The Effect of Sudden Wind Shear on the Earth's Magnetosphere, Joe Borovsky
  • User Feedback and Future Possibilities on Using CCMC For Our Magnetospheric Physics Research Projects, Katariina NykyriCCMC Discussions with Users
  • CCMC-VMR Partnership, Darren De Zeeuw
  • User Feedback on CCMC Services, Vincent GenotDiscussion: User needs: tools and services
  • Flow Channel Analysis using CCMC BATSRUS MHD Model: 15 May 2005 Geomagnetic Storm, Stefan ErikssonDiscussion: User modeling needs

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Space Weather Modeling Needs

  • NASA Space Weather Needs, John Allen
  • NASA Robotic Missions: Feedback and Future Needs - ISS, Joe Minow
  • Solar Wind Effects on the Jovian Radiation Environment, Henry Garrett, Peter MacNeice, Antti Pulkkinen
  • FAA Space Weather Needs, Mike McElligott
  • Electric Fields, GIC Flow, and Transformer Response, Richard Lordan, Antti Pulkkinen
  • USAF Space Weather Modeling Needs and V&V, Christopher SmithroDiscussion: State-of-the-art modeling needs for supporting present and future space weather activities
  • CCMC-AFIT Model Validations Projects, Ariel Acebal
  • Model Validation, Peter MacNeice
  • NOAA SWPC Needs (Transition to Operations), Howard SingerDiscussion Metrics and validation for forecasting modelsSpace Weather Tools and Services
  • ISWA Demo, Marlo Maddox
  • Tools for Space Weather Forecasters Training, Antti Pulkkinen
  • AFWA-NASA Space Weather Center Partnership, Janelle JennigesDiscussion: iSWA: Towards one-stop shop for all SWx information
  • BIRA-NASA Space Weather Center Collaboration, Michel Kruglanski
  • Met Office Space Weather Programme Services - R&D - Partnerships, Andrew Sibley
  • KMA-NASA Space Weather Center Partnership, Hyesook Lee
  • MSU/Russia-NASA Space Weather Center Collaboration, Vladimir KalegaevDiscussion: SWx International Collaboration

Friday, January 20, 2012

Education Support: New Opportunities

  • SMD E/PO Policy to the CCMC Biennial Users' Group Meeting, Jeffrey Hayes
  • Classroom Use of CCMC Tools, Nicholas Gross
  • Embedding Educational Material into iSWA & Embedding iSWA into Educational Material, Delores Knipp
  • Using CCMC Space Weather Modeling Resources in a Capstone Undergraduate Course, Michael Liemohn
  • The Catholic University of America space sciences and space weather educational plans, Antti Pulkkinen
  • CCMC in University Education, Jie Zhang
  • CCMC in University Education in Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Katariina Nykyri
  • Some Comments on Educational Use of CCMC, Ray Walker
  • CCMC in University Education, Ariel Acebal
  • Space Science Education, Space Weather and CCMC in Istanbul Technical University, Zerefsan, KaymazDiscussion Forum: CCMC - Educational Opportunities, Summer Programs, On-Line Educational Material, Visiting Students, Internships, Student * * Research Contests, K-12 Education, Other -Summary of Workshop Results
  • Panel Discussion: Workshop Summary
  • Agencies' View, Jeffrey Hayes
  • Models at CCMC, Ray Walker
  • User Feedback, Joe Borovsky
  • Space Weather Support, Joe Minow
  • Space Weather Support, Tamas Gombosi
  • CCMC Users Group Meeting Education Summary, Nicholas Gross


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