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CCMC 2005 Workshop


Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Morning Session: Director and Agency Reports

Chair: Holmes/Bellaire

  • Director' s Report: M. Hesse
  • Keynote science talk: A Space Physicist' s View of CCMC: R. Walker
  • NASA view of the CCMC: C. Holmes
  • NSF view of the CCMC: R. Behnke
  • Air Force Weather View of CCMC: T. Cade
  • Space Weather: Learn from the Meteorologists: R. McCoy
  • AFOSR Space Sciences View of CCMC: D. Byers

Evening Session : Frameworks and Data Infrastructure

Chair: T. Moretto

  • Overview: What are Frameworks and What Should They Do? P. MacNeice
  • Space Weather Modeling Framework: D. DeZeeuw, et al.
  • CISM Code Coupling Strategy and Plans for the CISM Science and Code Coupling Teams: C. Goodrich
  • Data Format Standardization of Space Weather Model Output at The Community Coordinated Modeling Center: M. Maddox
  • AFWA Plans For Frameworks and Standards: T. Cade
  • SEC Updates Relevant to CCMC: T. Onsager

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Morning Session: Collaborations with Model Developers: Opportunities and Challenges

Chair: J. Luhmann

  • CCMC-CSEM Collaboration: T. Gombosi
  • Open GGCM: Global Magnetosphere Modeling: J. Raeder
  • MAS - CCMC Collaborations: Z. Mikic
  • ENLIL - CCMC Collaborations: D. Odstrcil
  • Wang-Sheeley-Arge (WSA) Model - CCMC Collaborations: N. Arge
  • UCSD-CCMC collaborations: P. Hick

Evening Session : Metrics and Validation

Chair: R. Behnke

  • NASA Earth-Sun System Science Benefits for Society - Transition from Research to Operations: Plans and Challenges On the Way Forward: W. Lapenta
  • Metrics Studies, Verification and Validation: M. Kuznetsova
  • NOAA metrics and V&V Needs: T. Onsager
  • AFWA Metrics and V&V Needs: T. Cade
  • AFSPC-SMC Metrics and V&V Needs: S. Quigley
  • Measuring Space Weather Models: Science Metrics: K. Baker

Open discussion on science metrics

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Morning Session: CCMC Operations and Education support

Chair: R. McCoy

Operations (3 Hours)

  • How Can the CCMC Help NOAA: T. Onsager
  • Innovative Ideas for CCMC to Help AFWA: T. Cade
  • How Can CCMC Help AFSPC: Innovative Ideas: S. Quigley

Education (1 Hour)

  • CCMC and Education: T. H. Zurbuchen
  • Air Force Institute of Technology CCMC Interaction: C. Smithtro

Open discussion on educational activities

Evening Session : Science User Needs and Requirements

Chair: Sibeck

Current Users

  • Investigating SWMIT Coupling with Global MHD Simulations: G. Siscoe
  • One 2005 User' s Feedback on CCMC Solar/Heliosphere Models: J. Luhmann
  • User Needs: Ionospheric Model: A. Mannucci, et al

New model candidates

  • SSL (UC Berkeley): Prospective Codes to Transfer to the CCMC: G. Fisher, et al
  • Solar Dynamo Models: M. Dikpati
  • Upper Atmosphere Models at the National Center for Atmospheric Research: S. Solomon
  • Modeling the Heliosphere: Status and Future Directions: G. P. Zank, et al

Friday, October 14, 2005

Morning Session: Workshop Summary and Future Directions

Chair: Bellaire/Holmes

Summary of Workshop Results

  • Notes from Director and Agency Reports Session: P. Bellaire
  • Frameworks Session Report: P. MacNeice
  • Summary of Session on Collaborations with Model Developers: J. Luhmann
  • Metrics and Operations and Education Summary: T. Onsager
  • Overall Summary: Sibeck

General Discussion: New Directions

  • Opportunities - Evolution not Revolution: G. Siscoe

Discussion of Next Workshop


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