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Kamodo Plotting of TIEGCM Run Olga_Verkhoglyadova_102317_IT_3


H_geopot = geopotential height in [cm], GDZ-sph coordinates.
This variable has 4 dimensions.
   -Set 2 values below for a contour plot.
   -Set 3 values below for a line plot.

to (hours from midnight 2005/08/20, valid from 0.33333333333333 to 168)
or (YYYY/MM/DD HH:MM:SS, valid from 2005/08/20 00:20:00 to 2005/08/27 00:00:00)
to (longitude in degrees, valid from -180. to 180.)
to (latitude in degrees, valid from -90. to 90.)
to (pressure level)

Contour only plot options:
Plot Type:
Contour Min/Max:

    (Any changes to settings will be lost when the variable is changed, unless set here.)

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