GSFC information

Training location

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC)
Greenbelt MD, USA,
Building 21, Room 261 (CCMC Lab)

Training is held from at 9am to 5pm, May 20 to June 14, 2019.

Badging at the GSFC main gate

For those who need to go through NASA badging on Monday morning (05/20):
  • Please make sure to give yourself ample time for badging at the Badging Office (at the GSFC main gate), since there can be considerable wait time for this procedure.
  • US citizens and legal residents need to bring one acceptable form of Government ID (it has to have a photo and ID number): a driver’s license, federal/state/local agency ID, military ID, Permanent Resident card for permanent residents, US passport. (We recommend bringing two forms of acceptable Gov. ID, just in case).

Please note that GSFC has several entrances. To obtain your badge, you will need to arrive at the GSFC Main Gate (find directions to GSFC Main Gate here). Before you obtain your badge, please park temporarily in the small parking lot right outside the gate. Do not leave your car in this parking lot after you get your badge, move it to one of the parking lots inside the GSFC compound. For Bootcamp, proceed to Bldg 21. Room 183 is on the floor one (one floor up from the building entrance), on the eastern side of the building.


There is ample FREE parking everywhere inside the GSFC compound, and no parking pass is needed.

Once you have your NASA badge, please drive in through the gate and park in the large parking lot BEHIND building 21, where the Bootcamp is being held. Please note that 5-10 spots closest to building 21 entrances are marked as reserved, so please don’t use them. Also, do NOT park IN FRONT OF bldg 21 (small parking lot right off the Explorer road) as all spots are marked “Reserved”.


There is free Guest-CNE Wifi in bldg 21, for class use. Enter your name, email and CCMC as sponsoring organization to use.

FYI below are some lodging and transportation tips that might be of use.

Transportation tips

  • Directions to GSFC

  • Public transportation: Metrobus - G14 stops right at the GSFC main gate. Bus maps are available at:
    (with GSFC compound marked in grey on the top page in the upper right hand side corner).
    Some metro buses connect GSFC with the University of Maryland.

    More metro and bus information can be found at:

    You can plan your Metro and Metrobus trip here.

  • Transportation within Goddard (GSFC compound):

    • A walk from the main GSFC gate to Building 21 where the Bootcamp is held takes 10 minutes.

    • Free "Goddard taxi" - a little GSFC shuttle - can save you 10 minute walk from the main GSFC gate to Building 21. You have to call 301-346-8276 about 10-15 mins before you need a ride and schedule a pick up. It operates 7am - 5:30pm weekdays.

    • Free GSFC Bikeshare - bright yellow bikes on the GSFC territory - can be borrowed for a ride WITHIN(!) the GSFC compound (pick up/drop off a yellow bike you see next to any gate or building). However, there is a lot of competition for these bikes during the summer.

Google Map and Directions to GSFC

Click for Google map and directions
to Goddard Space Flight Center,
Badge Office at GSFC Main Gate

GSFC compound map

Click for enlarged GSFC Map,
with Bldg. 21 parking and Main Gate marked

Where to eat

  • Bldg. 21 has an overpriced but otherwise decent cafeteria (one floor below Room 183), open 8am - 2:30pm.
  • Another cafeteria is in Bldg. 1 (on the way to/from the Main Gate)
  • Plaza right outside of the Main Gate has several eateries (Ruby Tuesday, Orion sandwich place, Osaka japanese, etc.)

NASA Visitor Center

GSFC Visitor Center is located outside the GSFC compound and has such exhibits as Science on the Sphere and Solarium. Note that the Visitor Center is also open on weekends and is accessible by the general public (no badge needed).

NASA gift stores

GSFC gift stores (places to buy NASA souvenirs)

Click to see GSFC map with store locations marked.

  • The closest NASA gift shop is in Building 1 (on the left on the way to Bldg. 21 from the GSFC Main Gate). Note that this gift shop also sells discounted movie and event tickets!
  • Another store is at the GSFC Visitor Center. Note that the Visitor Center is also open on weekends and is accessible by the general public (no badge needed).