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Model Type: GM

Model: SWMF version v20140611

Title/Introduction: MMS Event DR event

Key Word: MMS Event DR event

Real event simulation
Inflow Boundary Conditions: Time-dependent
Start Time: 2015/10/16 08:40
End Time: 2015/10/16 11:00
Dipole Tilt at Start in X-Z Plane: -15.45 deg.
Dipole Tilt in Y-Z GSE Plane: -30.46 deg.
Dipole Update With Time: yes
Ionospheric Conductance: auroral
Radio Flux 10.7 cm: 108.40000
No corotation velocity is applied at the inner boundary.
Grid: 4.7M cells, 1/4 Re resolution at the dayside
Coordinate System for the Output: GSM
Initial Solar Wind (SW) Parameters in GSM Coordinates:
    SW Density: 4.23500 n/cc
    SW Temperature [Kelvin]: 71318.80000 Kelvin
    X Component of SW Velocity: -396.02500
    Y Component of SW Velocity: -31.70300 km/sec
    Z Component of SW Velocity: -2.88000 km/sec
    IMF Bx: -3.94000 nT
    IMF By: 2.57200 nT
    IMF Bz: -0.53700 nT
    IMF |B|: 2.63000 nT
    IMF Clock Angle: 101.79000 deg.

Quick Look Graphics for the run

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Solar wind input data
Solar wind input data

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