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  • View solar wind input data
  • List solar wind input data in ASCII format (see format description here).
  • Output Data
  • View Magnetosphere
  • Create Timeseries in Magnetosphere
  • 2D Ionosphere Electrodynamics output data not available

    • Pre-computed time series outputs not available
    • View SWMF-CRCM outputs:
        Note: SWMF run requests submitted before Nov. 29, 2018 using SWMF model version 20180525 may have included the CRCM (Comprehensive Ring Current Model) instead of RCM (Rice Convection Model).
        If you had intended to use RCM, please contact us and we will rerun your request.
      • Fok Comprehensive Ring Current Model Electrons
      • Fok Comprehensive Ring Current Model Protons
      • Fok Comprehensive Ring Current Model Oxygen ions
  • This interface has been recently updated. If you experience problems or have any questions please contact the CCMC staff.