WIND Data Formatted for Runs on Request

Solar wind plasma data (SWE Instrument) and magnetic field data (WIND MFI) are downloaded from the data provider. Data can be propagated from WIND to selected position of the simulation inflow boundary (for BATSRUS and GUMICS models offered at the CCMC it is 33 Re; for OpenGGCM - 33 Re; for LFM - 30 Re) with 20-minutes-averaged Vx velocity. Please do not request time intervals longer than 240 hours. Plasma data (1 min) are interpolated on magnetic field temporal grid (3 sec).

Please Note:
Plasma and magnetic field data are not continuously available. WIND cannot be used as solar wind monitor during the following time intervals listed here. Before using the WIND data for your request, please make sure that your interval is NOT listed in this document!

Select the time interval between 1994/11/18 00:00:00 and 2022/06/05 23:59:59. The interval should not exceed 240 hours.


Project data from WIND position to RE.
Do not project data.
Please note: for use with BATSRUS and GUMICS models, WIND data have to be projected to 33 Re;
for use with OpenGGCM - to 33 Re; for LFM - to 30 Re.

Additional time shift seconds.

This will generate data in GSM coordinates.
Data will be converted to GSE or SM during run submission as needed (SWMF/BATSRUS uses GSM, OpenGGCM and GUMICS use GSE, CMIT/LFM uses SM).