OMNI 1-minute Data Formatted for Runs on Request

OMNI - 1 minute data from OMNIWeb (high-resolution OMNIWeb).
Data iare provided at the nose of the Earth's bow shock which is usulally located between 15 and 20 RE upstream, close to the solar wind boundary of magnetosphere models (between 30 and 33 RE).

OMNI solar wind plasma and magnetic field data are not continuously available.

Select the time interval between 1995/01/01 00:00:00 and 2023/10/12 23:59:59. The interval should not exceed 360 hours.


This will generate data in GSM coordinates.
Data will be converted to GSE or SM during run submission as needed (SWMF/BATSRUS uses GSM, OpenGGCM and GUMICS use GSE, CMIT/LFM uses SM).