Archived ACE Real Time SW data downloaded from NOAA SWPC, formatted for Runs on Request

Real-time 1-minute averaged Interplanetary Magnetic Field Values (MAG) and Bulk Parameters of the Solar Wind Plasma (SWEPAM), downloaded from NOAA SWPC and archived are available from 03/18/2005.

Select the time interval between 03/18/2005 and 2024/06/13. The time interval should not exceed 10 days.


Project data from ACE position to RE.
Do not project data.

Data are projected from ACE to the simulation box inflow boundary (e.g., 33 Re for BATSRUS and GUMICS, 33 Re for OpenGGCM, 0 for CMIT/LFM or MAGE), with Vx velocity averaged over the requested time interval.

Additional time shift seconds.

This will generate data in GSM coordinates.
Data will be converted to GSE or SM during run submission as needed (SWMF/BATSRUS uses GSM, OpenGGCM and GUMICS use GSE, CMIT/LFM uses SM).