Step 1: Generate a Registration Number for each Requested Run and select the Model.

Registration Number

The Registration Number is composed of your first name (GivenName), your last name (FamilyName), date (mmddyy),model type (GM - Global Magnetosphere, IT - Ionosphere/Thermosphere, SH -Solar/Heliosphere), and run identification number (RunNumber):
    GivenName_FamilyName_mmddyy_RunNumber,   e.g., George_Siscoe_060601_IT_1.

At the present time you are allowed to make up to 4 different submissions on the the same date (mmddyy). For each new submission made on the same date you need to choose a new Run Number ("1", "2", "3", "4", or "5"). Multiple submissions made on the same date with the same Run Number will overwrite the previous submission. You can use this feature to resubmit the request on the same date. If you decide to cancel or modify your submission at later date, please contact the CCMC staff:


New: SWMF dipole orientation and magnitude run options
In an effort to expand the range of science questions that can be probed with the models hosted at CCMC, we have now expanded the range of available dipole orientations and magnitudes in the University of Michigan’s SWMF model. These new parameter ranges allow studies of for example early Earth’s and other exoplanet targets of interest. We welcome our users to explore these new CCMC capabilities and look forward to receiving your feedback. Proceed to SWMF Exoplanetary run submission

Please have registration numbers when making inquiries about your requests. You will need your registration number to view the results when the simulations have finished.

**You must agree to the CCMC DATA Collection Consent Agreement in order to submit a run**

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Run Number:
Select a different Run Number if you have already requested any Magnetosphere run today (unless you want to overwrite the run)


Key words

Global Magnetosphere (GM) model:


    SWMF/BATSRUS version 20180525

    SWMF/BATSRUS version 20140611

    Choice of inner magnetosphere model (apply to any of the above SWMF/BATSRUS model versions):

      without RCM

      with RCM

      without RBE

      with RBE (requires to also run RCM)

Run Type:


      Start date (on or after 1970/01/01 00:00): (YYYY/MM/DD)    Start time: (HH:MM)
      End date (on or after 1970/01/01 00:00): (YYYY/MM/DD)    End time: (HH:MM)

  Model (idealized solar wind inputs)

      End Time: End time: (HH:MM)