Maintenance Notice

On Friday, 03/01/2024, the main CCMC website and all CCMC applications will be intermittently unavailable between 7 AM to 11 AM Eastern Time.  The main CCMC website and all CCMC services/applications (e.g., iSWA, Runs-On-Request (ROR), Instant-Run, online visualization services, all Scoreboards, DONKI, CAMEL, StereoCAT, etc.) will be impacted.

Please refrain from submitting run requests via ROR during the maintenance window.

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ONLY if you require a customized simulation setup not provided by the standard submission options. Unlike the standard runs that are automatically processed, special requests are reviewed and manually modified by the CCMC staff. Please note that special requests are reviewed and manually modified by the CCMC staff and are executed only if resources are available.