AE-8/AP-8 Radiation Belt Models

This page enables the computation of omnidirectional integral or differential electron or proton fluxes for specified energies, L-values and magnetic field strength (normalized to the fieldline minimum at the magnetic equator: B/B0).
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Specify Entry Parameters for Trapped Radiation Model

Type of model:
  AP8MAX    Proton fluxes for solar maximum conditions
  AP8MIN    Proton fluxes for solar minimum conditions
  AE8MAX    Electron fluxes for solar maximum conditions
  AE8MIN    Electron fluxes for solar minimum conditions
Specify type of model:


Note1: Every value which user will specify below should be separated by comma. ( Example for three values: 1.15,2.35,3.3).
Note2: Parameters values must be entered in the order of increasing magnitude starting with the lowest value and ending with the highes value.

Energy values:
(Range of values for Electrons is from 0.04 to 7. Mev; for Protons from 0.1 to 400. Mev; number of values:up to 6)

L- values:
( Range of values is from 1. to 15.; number of values:up to 6 ):

Magnetic field values B/B0
( Range of values from 1. to 1000.; number of values: up to 6 ):


Output fluxes: Output fluxes versus:

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