NRLMSISE-00 Atmosphere Model
*** NOTE: This model is now available on the new CCMC Instant-Run System. This legacy page will be retired by 12/31/2023. Please migrate and use the new interface instead. ***

This page enables the computation and plotting of any subset of MSIS parameters: neutral temperature, exospheric temperature, densities of He, O, N2, O2, Ar, H, N, and total mass density.

* Select Date: (1960/02/14 - 2023/04/20 New: End date updating monthly) and Time
Year Month: Day(1-31):
Time Hour of day (e.g. 1.5):
* Select Coordinates
Coordinates Type
Latitude(deg.,from -90. to 90.): Longitude(deg.,from 0. to 360.):
Height (km, from 0. to 1000.):
* Select a Profile type and its parameters:
Start Stop Stepsize

Optional Input parameters:
Note :If user does not specify these parameters,they will be taken from real data base
F10.7(daily)   F10.7(3-month avg)   ap(daily)

*Select output form:
List model data
Create model data file in ASCII format  for downloading

Plot model data 
      Note 1: The first selected parameter below always will be along the X-axis, the other selections will be along Y-axis.
              (e.g. if you want a Height profile, you may specify Height as the first parameter in the listing below.)     
      Note 2: User may get scatter plot if he specifies any two parameters below and changes the "connect type"  
              in the "Advanced plot selections" to "show points only"   

* Select desired parameters
Independent Variables
Day of month
Day of year
Hour of day
Height, km
Geographic/Geomagnetic Latitude, deg.
      (depend on user's choice above)
Geographic/Geomagnetic Longitude, deg.
      (depend on user's choice above)
Calculated MSIS Model Parameters
Atomic Oxygen (O), cm-3
Nitrogen (N2), cm-3
Oxygen O2, cm-3
Total Mass Density, g/cm-3
Neutral Temperature, K
Exospheric Temperature, K
Helium (He), cm-3
Argon (Ar), cm-3
Hydrogen (H), cm-3
Nitrogen (N), cm-3
Anomalous Oxygen, cm-3
Indices taken from user's input or from data base
F10.7(3-month avg)

ap(00-03 hours prior used)
ap(03-06 hours prior used)
ap(06-09 hours prior used)
ap(09-12 hours prior used)
ap(12-33 hours prior used)
ap(33-59 hours prior used)

Advanced plot selections (optional)
Connect Type: Character size(0.5-2.0)
Plot Symbol: Symbol Size(0.1-4.0):
Y-axis Scale: X-axis Scale:
Image size (pixels):X: Y:

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