Last Updated: 06/18/2024

Fok Ring Current

Version: 1.0

The Fok Ring Current Model (FRC) is a bounce-averaged kinetic model of the ring current. This model calculates the temporal and spatial variation of the phase space density of ring current species, H+ and e-, in the energy range of 1 - 300 keV. The model considers particle drift, charge exchange loss, in realistic, time-varying magnetic and electric fields. The simulation region is from the dayside magnetopause to the nightside boundary at 10 earth radii. The model is an initial-boundary-value problem, so initial distribution and boundary distribution as a function of time is required to run the model.


Fok Ring Current 1.0 Sample Output


3D Magnetic Fields 2D Ionospheric height-integrated Potentials Equatorial Plasma Density Equatorial Plasma Temperature


Equatorial H+ and e- fluxes as functions of time, energy and pitch angle. Fluxes at off-equator can be obtained by assuming constant flux along a field line.


  • Magnetosphere / Inner Magnetosphere / RingCurrent



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