ENLIL Model Run on Request


Key Word: 2017 July CMEs. prelim v4. 7/23 CME remeasured.

Model Type: Heliosphere
Model & Version: ENLIL 2.8
Boundary Condition Type: Time-Dependent Sequence of Daily Update Maps (dt)
Inner Boundary Condition: from_WSA_V2.2_model
Run Objective: cone_model
Observatory: NSO/GONG (Standard QuickReduce Magnetogram Synoptic Map - mrbqs)
Carrington Rotation Start: 2192   Carrington Longitude Start: 097°
Start computation date (rundate_cal): 2017-07-13T00:05:59
Coronal observations date (obsdate_cal): null
Time unit = 3600. seconds   Relaxation start time relative to rundate (tstart): -480. time units
Simulation stop time (tstop): 480 time units   Full 3D output cadence (tstep): 24 time units
Outer Boundary: 2.1 AU (Mars inclusive; radial span: 2.0 AU, region 2 AU)
Simulation Grid: 384x30x90 (0.1 to 2.1 AU radius; ±60° latitude, 30° to 150° co-latitude; 0° to 360° longitude)
Geometry: Spherical and Uniform   Coordinate System: HEEQ+180°
Resolution: low   Number of Simulation blocks (nblk): 1
Ambient wind conditions setting: a6b1   ratio of specific heats (gamma): 1.6666667   runpar=g53q5
   (vfast=700., vslow=200., vrfast=25., vrslow=75., bfast=350., bscl=4., dfast=125., tfast=1.5, xalpha=0.05, nbrad=1)
Rotation of the inner boundary: synodic

CME Input File: cme_param.txt   Number of CMEs: 5
Hydrodynamic cloud setting: d4t1x1
   (dcld=4, tcld=1, xcld=1, ncld=2)
   Cavity setting: radcav=0, dcav=0.5, tcav=.25