Instant run at CCMC


To start the model and the graphics program click the Update Plot button. The resulting image will be displayed at this location of the page.

Should the result be a black image, then the graphics program encountered a programming error. Please report the set of input parameters used.


  • The model requires almost a day of startup, so an additional day of data will be added before the requested time interval.
  • The model propagates the data from position to Earth, resulting in a shift in both the start time and end time from the selection made.
Start: Year:  Month:  Day:  Hour:  Minute: 
Note: the model can only run for up to 28 days (including 1 day of startup) - the start time may be adjusted to be 27 days before the end time.
 End: Year:  Month:  Day:  Hour:  Minute: 
Solar wind data:     New: Default is DSCOVR real time; ACE Real time and Level 2 data available!
DSCOVR Real-Time Range: 2016/07/20 00:00 to 2024/04/15 00:00
ACE Real-Time Range: 2005/03/18 00:00 to 2024/04/15 00:00
ACE Level 2 Range: 1998/02/05 00:00 to 2021/03/12 23:59

WINDMI driver selection   

  Reset Form will reset changes to the defaults specified by the previous run of this script.
  Update Plot will update (generate) the plot with the chosen time and plot parameters above or will print the entire file to screen.

Last script update: Feb. 2, 2010.