Magnetospheric Dst and AL indices computed by WINDMI over the most recent 3 days

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WINDMI results for rectified (blue), Siscoe (red) and Newell (green) drivers.
WINDMI results: blue: Rectified, red: Siscoe, green: Newell driver

ACE solar wind magnetic field at Y=0

ACE solar wind plasma

Driving voltages for WINDMI (blue: Rectified, red: Siscoe, green: Newell):

ACE solar wind driver

State variables within WINDMI (set a):

WINDMI M-I status veriables (1-4)

State variables within WINDMI (set b):

WINDMI M-I status variables (5-8)
WINDMI: L. Mays, W. Horton, University of Texas, automated model version delivered to CCMC (2009).
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