Request output for an executed CCMC run

Request raw or CDF-format output for a model run executed at the CCMC:

  • At the moment, CDF output is available only for select models: SWMF BATSRUS, OpenGGCM, LFM, ENLIL, CORHEL, TIE-GCM, CTIPe.
  • Raw run output is available for all Runs-on-Request models.
  • Output is not available for instant runs.

Specify the run of interest and type of output:

Run Registration Number: (e.g., Joe_Smith_013117_SH_1).

Model of the request:

Type of output:
                            in CDF format
                            raw run output

Below you can specify selected time steps or the interval of interest. If left blank, the output for the whole run will be uploaded to our webserver for your download. Note that the download of large complete runs might take a very long time.

Note: requests with special instructions are processed manually and can be delayed based on the availability of the CCMC staff. Please leave the field empty if you are interested in most of the run or require a faster turnaround.

Your contact email

The link to download the run output files will be sent to this email address.

You can look up the Registration Run Number for your simulation of interest in the online CCMC runs database.