GEM Modeling Challenge
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GEM Modling Challenge Updates

Current Status of the challenge

Phys. Parameter/Metrics Study When Initiated Deliverables /Expected completion
Observ. data time series preparation Database of model results Papers/Reports/Actions
1. Magnetic field at geosyn. orbit. summer 2008 completed completed
2. Magnetopause crossing by geosyn. satellites summer 2008 completed,
provided by Michelle Thompson
  • Rastaetter et al, presented at GEM 2013 Summer Workshop
  • Papers:
    • Rastaetter et al. manuscript in preparation (2017)
    • Collado-Vega et al. manuscript in preparation (2017)
3. Plasma parameters at geosyn. orbit summer 2008 SOPA corrections are required to proceed with the study pending pending
4. Ground magnetic perturbations summer 2008 available completed
4a.Time derivative of ground magnetic perturbations
(Operational geospace model validation)
January 2011 available completed
4b.Regional-K index
(Operational geospace model validation)
Summer 2012 completed completed (Wing Kp results became available in December 2013)
5. Dst Index summer 2008 available completed
6. Heat flux into ionosphere
(joint with CEDAR)
summer 2010 provided by Liam Kilcommons and Delores Knipp completed
  • Rastaetter et al., GEM 2011 mini-workshop
  • Rastaetter et al., 2012 (at GEM 2012 Summer Workshop)
  • Discussions were held during the CEDAR June 2012 workshop, the pre-AGU 2012 GEM mini-workshop and the 2013 GEM summer workshop.
  • Presentations at 2015 GEM Summer Workshop:
    "Systems-Science Tools, Methodologies, and Results (Thursday June 18, 3:30-5:00)"
    • L. Rastaetter, "Modeled Joule heat in the ionosphere compared with DMSP-F15 Poynting flux"
    • D. Knipp: "Estimating Uncertainty in DMSP-F15 Poynting flux"
  • Paper: L. Rastaetter et al. (2016)
7. Auroral oval
(joint with CEDAR)
fall 2010 Data submissions accepted

Past Updates

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