Space Weather REDI Bootcamp - June 2018
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Assignment: FastTrack ENLIL + Cone Model assignment

Run a simulation by creating an imaginary recent CME that will give Stereo A a glancing blow.

Follow instructions in the FastTrack workshop handout describing FastTrack procedure.

1) Select a start date and time for your imaginary CME within the last 1-3 months (the range of the FastTrack interface).

2) Guesstimate parameters for the CME which you think might result in a side blow to Stereo A. Location of Stereo A spacecraft can be found at the Where Is Stereo webpage (look for Heliographic longitude and latitude).

3) Please note that the time at 21.5Rs (solar radii) should be several hours later than the CME start time (which is usually the time CME is first observed by coronagraphs).

4) Run a FastTrack simulation for your CME. You should get two email notifications:

5) The results of the completed simulation should appear in the CCMC Runs On Request online database at:

6) Check if the CME indeed gave a glancing blow to Stereo A.

Contact or if you have any questions pertaining to this exercise.

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