Space Weather REDI Bootcamp - June 2018
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Bootcamp Experience

Two-week long space weather training bootcamp hosted by CCMC yearly, in early June, educates ~50 participants about space weather and forecasting. It attracts participants from many countries (the US, European countries, Latin America, Asia and Africa). Past participants included high school students, undergraduates (including space weather forecasting interns and software interns from CCMC), graduate students, a science writer intern, a postdoctoral researcher, a Launch Weather Officer at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, an engineer for International Space Station support, personnel involved in space weather operations, Code 500 engineers, and summer interns from lunar and planetary studies. This varied and carefully selected group of participants makes for a vibrant experience.

Tutorials from 2017 Space Weather Bootcamp
(presentations, class assignments, reading materials)

Camp training draws from the unique experience of the CCMC/SWRC's research-based space weather service/forecasting team and utilized the Integrated Space Weather Analysis System (iSWA) and space environment models installed at the CCMC.There were also several "meet GSFC scientists" sessions on special research topics.

Norwegian Centre for Space Weather (NOSWE) participated in the Space Weather Bootcamp 2015

SW REDI summer internships

Each summer, after the bootcamp, a group of undergraduate students from various US 4- and 2-year colleges participats in an all-summer SW REDI internship at the CCMC, training as space weather forecasters. They gain knowledge on how to accurately analyze and forecast space weather events and an understanding of space weather impacts on Earth and various missions across the solar system.

Summer of 2017

In addition to forecaster training, students worked on short research projects which they presented at the GSFC intern poster session:

Summer of 2016

Summer interns expressed their space weather internship experiences in poster presentations presented at the NASA center intern Poster Session. Their presentation won Orbit Awards for Science:

Interns from Quinsborough Community College created a flow chart of Space Weather Forecasting Activities:

Summer of 2015


Summer interns expressed their space weather internship experiences in poster presentations presented at the NASA center intern Poster Session. Their presentations won Orbit Awards for Science:

The space weather this past summer provided some exciting forecaster experiences, including a week of very active space weather, described here by a student intern.

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