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Universities Countries Contact Person Email
(Air Force Academy)
USA Maj. Cory Lane
(Air Force Institute of Technology)
USA LtCol. Ariel Acebal
American University USA UJ Sofia
Boston University USA Nicholas Gross
Catholic University of America USA Vadim Uritsky
University of Colorado USA Delores Knipp
University of the District of Columbia USA Hailemichael Seyoum
George Mason University USA Bob Weigel
George Mason University USA Jie Zhang
Howard University USA Prabhakar Misra
University of Maryland,
Baltimore County
USA Jan Merka
University of Maryland,
College Park
(Dept. of Physics)
USA Roald Sagdeev
University of Maryland,
College Park
(Dept. of Astronomy)
USA Surijala Sharma
University of Michigan USA Aaron Ridley
University of Michigan USA Mike Liemohn
University of Texas USA Roy Calfas
University of Utah USA Jan Sojka
Istanbul Technical University Turkey Zerefsan Kaymaz
Kyung Hee University Korea Yong Jae Moon
National Central University Taiwan Wing-Huen Ip
Technical University of Denmark Denmark Susanne Vennerstrom
National Aeronautics and Space Administration Air Force Materiel Command Air Force Office of Scientific Research Air Force Research Laboratory Air Force Weather Agency NOAA Space Environment Center National Science Foundation Office of Naval Research

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