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Run information


Model Type: GM

Model: LFM version LTR-2_1_5

Title/Introduction: boundary layer

Key Word: MMS

Note: CMIT-LFM simulation runs submitted before October 31, 2018 used solar wind data propagated to the model run's upstream (sunward) boundary (typically at Xmax=30 RE).
However, the model assumes solar wind to be propagated to X=0 instead, causing features in the solar wind to occur in the LFM model simulation a few minutes earlier than expected (for example, 8 minutes earlier for Vx=-400 km/s and Xmax=30 RE).
The propagation has been adjusted in the run request system for "event" runs with CMIT-LFM where solar wind data are obtained automatically from one of the available solar wind monitor spacecraft or data sources (solar wind data in uploaded file are not propagated and need to be adjusted before file upload to make LFM runs comparable to runs of the other magnetosphere models).

Inflow Boundary Conditions:
Start Time: 2016/10/17 11:00
End Time: 2016/10/17 16:00
Dipole Tilt at Start in X-Z Plane: -9.78 deg.
Dipole Tilt in Y-Z GSE Plane: -31.17 deg.
Dipole Update With Time: yes
Ionospheric Conductance: auroral
Radio Flux 10.7 cm: 75.60000

Grid: 106x96x128 cells
Coordinate System for the Output: SM
Initial Solar Wind (SW) Parameters in SM Coordinates: