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Space Weather Initiatives and Coordinated International Efforts to Implement
COSPAR-ILWS Roadmap Recommendations

Space weather is and will remain a challenge to space and planetary sustainability and will become increasingly important to deal with in the future – as we become more reliant on technologies that are susceptible to our variable space environment. Recognizing the need to understand the solar origin of space weather, characterize its impacts on space- and ground-based technologies and human space-flight programs, and develop reliable forecasting services for end-users, COSPAR commissioned an international space weather roadmap study. This global roadmap for 2015 – 2025 (Advances in Space Research, 2015: DOI: 10.1016/j.asr.2015.03.023) provided an assessment of the field of space weather from the scientific and end-user viewpoints, and more importantly, identified several missing links in our scientific understanding from both the theoretical and observational perspective. The roadmap made several recommendations on the development of observational and modeling capabilities, on building global infrastructure optimizing utilization of existing space weather resources, and on creating coordinated, collaborative, information-sharing environment that brings together international scientific, engineering and operational communities, and impacted societal groups. The COSPAR Panel on Space Weather is organizing this event to assess the advances vis-a-vis the roadmap goals, to identify critical areas that need particular attention, to review how roadmap guidelines are fed into policies and plans of research and operational agencies around the world, and to discuss how the PSW can coordinate future strategic planning efforts to sustain global capacity building in space weather and to facilitate transition of advances in scientific understanding to space weather operations. This event will consist of invited discourses and panel discussions involving scientists, users of space weather services, national space agencies and policy makers. Presentations and discussions will include reviews of emerging international initiatives aiming to assess and advance space weather capabilities and summaries of recent developments emanating from discussions at the concurrent COSPAR events devoted to different aspects of space weather.


PSW.5-Panel 1: National/regional agencies and international organizations view on COSPAR/ILWS Roadmap and global coordination for space weather.

9:30-17:30, Thursday, 19 July, Room: SR 29 (HH) – Santa Clara

Chairs: Hermann Opgenoorth (Swedish Institute of Space Physic, Sweden), Ian Mann (University of Alberta, Canada)

Panelists: Suggested questions to panelists: PSW.5-Panel 2: Capacity building in space weather: Globally coordinated space weather education and outreach initiatives

12:20-13:00, Thursday, 19 July, Room: SR 29 (HH) – Santa Clara

This panel discussion will bring together diverse organizations involved in space weather education and outreach activities, provide brief summaries of ongoing activities and discuss opportunities for new initiatives of the COSPAR Space Weather Panel towards global coordination in space weather awareness, education and outreach. Panelists: Simonetta Di Pippo (UNOOSA), Anna Chulaki (CCMC, USA), Alexi Glover (ESA, COSPAR’s Panel on Capacity Building)

Suggested questions to panelists:

PSW.5-Panel 3: COSPAR space weather action teams: A bottom-up component of global coordination in space weather.

COSPAR space weather action teams website:

14:00-17:30, Thursday, 19 July, Room: SR 29 (HH) – Santa Clara

Chairs: Masha Kuznetsova (NASA, USA), Hermann Opgenoorth (Swedish Institute of Space Physics, Sweden)

One of the key challenges identified in the COSPAR-ILWS space weather roadmap [Schrijver et al., 2015] is a transformation into an effectively functioning, information-sharing, global space weather community. To address this challenge and to demonstrate the critical value of a global coordination the COSPAR Panel on Space Weather will coordinate an active network of topical scientific action teams (a.k.a., International Space Weather Action Teams). Action teams will address space weather roadmap recommendations, provide a bottom-up push for coordination and innovation, serve as a channel for a global community voice, assess progress in various areas of space weather, and propose regular updates for guiding documents. Moderators of ISWAT clusters (action teams grouped by space environment domains and/or impacts) and organizers of PSW.1-4 events will present their outlook on the ISWAT concept, plans for topical action teams activities for the next two years, approaches to Roadmap updates, and invite community input and active participation.


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