COSPAR Panel on Space Weather
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COSPAR-18-PSW.2: Solar System Space Weather

Space Weather effects are significant throughout the solar system and the ability to predict and design around them is essential for planetary exploration. We welcome description of measurements of space weather effects made in planetary environments or interplanetary space, as well as models, comparisons and methods for improved prediction.

We will also explore the way that the space weather environment at other solar system bodies modifies the design criteria for instruments and missions. We particularly welcome presentations which consider the topic of planetary space weather in the context of the recent COSPAR space weather roadmap. This session includes a discussion time slot, during which inputs and recommendations can be collected for Session PSW.5 on "Space Weather Initiatives and Coordinated International Efforts to implement COSPAR-ILWS Roadmap Recommendations". We encourage presenters to address these issues in their contributions.

1 half-day session

Main Scientific Organizer

Manuel Grande
Aberystwyth University
STY233BZ Aberystwyth
United Kingdom
Tel: 44 1970622624
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